Papelito habla

A pocket puzzle book with a magical flexigon binding.

In English or Spanish
13cm x 13cm

Portable Mayan Altar with tree pocket hex books in Tzotzil and English

The case looks like an ancient Mayan thatched house. Inside, a mayan altar with three small Pocket Hex Books bound in handmade fiber paper, marbled endpapers, stunning graphics created by contemporary mayan artists, ten little rainbow colored candles, two clay candleholders in the form of animals, and an incense burner, everything you need to celebrate the traditional rituals of San Juan Chamula, Chiapas.

- Hex to Kill the Unfaithful Man, Tonik Nibak

Traditional prayer of Mayan women with passionate frases about infidelity.
7cm x 11cm
54 pages

-Mayan Love Charms, Petra Hernández

To attract your man and So the Dog Won’t Bark at Your Boyfriend.
7cm x 11cm
54 pages

- Magic for a Long Life, Manwela Kokoroch

Prayer directed to the Elder Brother of Writing and the Elder Brother of Painting.
7cm x 11cm
70 pages

Words of Chan K’in

An ecological message from Chan K’in Viejo, the patriarch of the Lacandon Maya. This small book is printed in handset letterpress on handmade paper, and comes in a simple box bound with tropical vines and a stamped oak leaf.

English or Spanish
13.5cm x 18.5cm
6 pages

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