The Leñateros are dedicated to the rescue of old and endangered techniques such as the extraction of dyes from wild plants and the revival of writing in Amerindian languages.

The Leñateros benefit the ecology and invent new ways to recycle agricultural and industrial wastes such as cardboard boxes, discarded DVDs, withered flowers from the churches, and pine needles trampled in yesterday’s festival, banana-leaves, corn-husks, mahagua, bean-pods, maguey-tongues left over from the production of tequila, reeds, coconut-shells, gladiola-stems, palm-fronds, grass, along with recycled paper and old clothes; the raw material of dreams is nearly always something «useless.» We convert “trash” into beautiful artist books that are celebrated around the world.

“Between 10-15 trees and great quantities of water and electricity are needed to produce a ton of paper . Recycling paper reduces the destruction of the world’s forests and saves water and electricity. “